About us

AMA is accelerating its growth

The first half of 2021 has been rich for our association. In a very short time, we have doubled the number of families we support. This is a significant acceleration in the care of families in difficulty..

Since then, we have been mobilized as never before to offer the best support to these families and help them to rebuilt a new life and integrate the French society.

Call for volunteers

Facing this growing demand for support, we need volunteers to help us.

1st urgent need to go faster in the administrative procedures necessary for the integration of our friends, we seek the support of a lawyer specializing in the law of foreigners.. This is especially urgent for a young Congolese girl looking for an apprenticeship training

2rd need integration involves meeting French families, meetings which are an opportunity to exchange ideas in French and to get to know our culture better. We offer all those who wish to receive one of the 6 migrant families that we support for dinneraccording to a frequency to be defined between us (once a quarter, every two months, etc.). If you opt for example for a dinner per quarter, you can choose to follow the same family or on the contrary to meet a different family each time, i.e. 4 times in the year. These families are made up of two or three people (2 couples each with a young child, two brothers in their thirties, a mother and her two teenage daughters, a grandmother, her son and her grandson, a mother and her 9-year-old son).

3rd need we are going to set up working groups with 2 or 3 volunteers to support the professional project of some of our migrant friends, an Iranian infrastructure engineer, a Syrian jurist/lawyer and an Iraqi without a diploma. For each of them, the question arises of finding a job more or less close to their skills with a diploma most often not recognized in France. Each group meets approximately once a month, until the accompanied migrant has finalized his project.

So for all those who wish to mobilize on one of these actions, please contact us by email at associationama.asnieres@gmail.com or at 06 88 73 93 48.

About us 

AMA – Accueil Migrants Asnières – is a non-profit humanitarian organisation aiming to welcome and foster the integration of migrants in precarious conditions, regardless of the origin of their migration, whether political, economic or climatic.

Thanks to the implication of the active members and partnering organisations, this welcoming starts with housing and extends to a personalised accompaniment and aims at integrating the people welcomed.

Our Mission


Because insertion and respect of human dignity are conditioned to accommodation, AMA proposes housing solutions to migrants in precarious conditions. Accommodation is the most urgent field in which an immediate need expresses itself, due to the housing situation in Ile de France and the insufficient places in welcome centres for asylum seekers (Centres d’Accueil pour Demandeurs d’Asile). AMA explores all possibilities to allow migrants to access decent accommodation.


Because accompaniment contributes to integration and autonomy, AMA follows up the housed migrant families. AMA supports them in administrative processes, in their learning of the French language or in their job search, for instance.


Because migrants have difficult journeys, because living together creates wealth, AMA organises opportunities to meet and exchange, and sets up and nurtures a social link to encourage, advise and help them to face unavoidable obstacles. The objective of AMA is to implement all the conditions that can contribute to the integration of the migrants and their autonomy.