What we do


Our actions for housing

It is the most urgent field in which an immediate need is expressed, due to the housing situation in the Ile de France region and to the insufficient number of places in welcome centres for asylum seekers (CADA - Centres d’Accueil pour Demandeurs d’Asile). In this perspective, AMA explores the following possibilities:

  • Housing at individuals willing to make accommodation available;
  • The creation and follow-up of a “Welcome” loop;
  • The provision of accommodation belonging to the organisation or that it rents. 


Our actions to accompany

The people housed have a long way to go until their administrative and financial situation gets stable.

The role of AMA is, during all this long and difficult journey, to create and maintain a link that allows to encourage, advise and help, and also to face the inevitable obstacles that will be found on the way.

It especially consists in being an intermediate between the people (neighbours, landlords) and the institutions the migrant resorts to.

This role is exercised collectively in the frame of the organisation, to prevent phenomena of dependence or lassitude (on the part of the migrant as well as of the person accompanying him). This induces for the members of AMA who will want to hold this role frequent exchanges of information, sharing of responsibilities, and will to learn how to carry out this action which cannot be improvised or imprecise.


Our actions for integration

The final objective, for migrants as well as the French society, is for the former to gradually find a place in the nation. This process, well known by our country which has carried it out over the centuries, and with proven success, can only be achieved in the long-term, with a mutual benevolence, and by overcoming the inevitable tensions on both sides.

AMA intends to contribute to it by organising occasions to meet and exchange. In this perspective, the action led by the people accompanying migrants is essential and a prerequisite.

The final aim is the full autonomy of the migrant, and, consequently, his final independence from AMA.